Cleveland Police offering meditation and yoga to officers

NewsCleveland Police offering meditation and yoga to officers It’s now a regular part of Police Academy Training for Cleveland Author: Monica Robins CLEVELAND — There are few jobs more stressful than being a police officer. That's why Cleveland Police are now teaching...

Mindfulness Training Aids Cleveland Police–And Citizens

“Today we’re not going to sit around and cry or anything like that. If you want to cry feel free, that’s fine, but the goal today is to do some practice that is going to help you learn how to relax. And I think you’re really, really going to enjoy it. I guarantee you’ll be snoring at the end of the day.”

So spoke Cleveland police officer Chris Gibbons as he introduced “A Day of Mindful Living,” an innovative program for the Cleveland Division of Police, held at River’s Edge, a spirituality and wellness center sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph.